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    lundi 15 avril 2019



    The Majorelle garden is a botanical garden and an ethnology museum devoted to Berbers. It is one of the most visited and pleasant places in Marrakech. Tourist but essential!

    House and garden Majorelle in Marrakech in the middle of cacti. The Majorelle blue will stay in a corner of your head for a long time.

    The Majorelle Garden is a jewel in the Gueliz district in the north west of the Medina of Marrakech .

    It is at once the most beautiful garden and its museum of ethnology on the Berbers is the most interesting of Marrakech. A café-restaurant, a bookstore, a fashion boutique and a Saint Laurent poster gallery complete the venue.

    Poster Gallery: The "Love" wishes sent each year by Yves Saint Laurent to his friends

    History of the Majorelle house and its garden

    The painter Jacques Majorelle lives in Marrakech for 10 years, when the architects Poisson and Sinoir realized in 1929 an art deco house inspired by Corbusier.

    Photo of Jacques Majorelle at the origin of the house and the garden

    The painter creates a botanical garden with plants brought back from his travels. Between Islamic garden and tropical garden: 10,000 m2 of "a cathedral of shapes and colors" where the artist drew his inspiration.

    The painter will then create the majorelle blue , an intense blue tinged with violet that he will use to paint his house and then his garden.

    The magical contrast between the Majorelle blue, the yellow and the vegetation of the garden

    Lorsque le peintre meurt, la villa est laissé quelques années à l’abandon avant d’être racheté par Yves Saint Laurent et Pierre Bergé. Ils rénoveront le jardin et surtout créeront l’un des musées les plus intéressants de Marrakech dédiés aux Berbères, l’ethnie majoritaire du Maroc.

    Autre vue sur la maison d’architecte construite pour Majorelle dans un style art-deco-cubiste-inspiré-de-Corbusier à Marrakech.

    Jardin botanique de Majorelle

    Le jardin de Majorelle se compose d’une bambouseraie, d’une jardin de cactus, d’un plan d’eau habité de carpes et fontaines, d’arbustes, d’arbres, plantes grasses et de fleurs.

    A cascade of colors and form where the painter Majorelle was going to draw his inspiration.

    You will find palm trees, cacti, a magnificent fake pistachio, yuccas, banana trees, water lilies, lotus, water lilies, jasmine, bougainvillea, palm trees, coconut palms, banana trees, bamboo, carob trees, agaves, cypress ... all adorned with fountains, ponds, water jets, ceramic jars, driveways, pergolas ...

    Majorelle Garden in Marrakech: Fountain and spectacular colors between paint and plants in bloom.

    The garden is well maintained and offers calm and serenity just minutes from the Medina. Take time to browse even though there are many tourists.

    The most extraordinary forms put in value in the pots with unforgettable bright colors: The major blue of the name of the painter who lived in this villa.

    An alley of the Majorelle garden in Marrakech, Morocco.

    Where the word "cathedral" all makes sense. In the Majorelle garden in Marrakech.

    Museum of Ethnology on the Berbers

    Berbers are the majority ethnic group of Morocco. This museum highlights the culture , rites and beliefs through a superb collection of objects: Objects of worship, furniture, musical instruments, clothes and accessories ...

    The museum is in its exceptional form with beautiful rooms covered with a cedar wood with a heady smell, clear and interesting explanations, a beautiful light ... In short, an essential museum to understand the richness and complexity of the museum. Moroccan culture.

    The photos are unfortunately forbidden.

    Pergola above the cafe of the Majorelle garden in Marrakech.

    Practical information on the Majorelle garden in Marrakech

    The Majorelle garden is located in the district of Guéliz in the northwest of the Medina.

    Address: Yves Saint Laurent Street, Marrakesh 40090, Morocco 

    Price: Count 70 HRD entrance to the garden and museum (cheaper for Moroccans). 

    Access and schedules: http://www.jardinmajorelle.com/

    Plan of the Majorelle garden in Marrakech with its admirable Berber museum.

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