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    samedi 4 août 2018

    Majorelle Garden

    Majorelle Garden

    Beautiful place with colors to blow your mind. Worth visiting when in Marrakech.

    Go to the garden early, when they open, to avoid the crowd and if you wish to get good photos. At 09:30 it tends to start filling up and the queue to enter gets long, not a fun way of spending your time when traveling. Therefore I recommend an early morning if you want to pass by Majorelle Gardens.

    Most guidebooks give you great info about the history of the place. It's here, in short, you find the garden where the ashes of Yves Saint Laurent were spread, and the garden is run by a fund set up by him and his husband who both no longer are with us.

    Next to the garden you also find the Yves Saint Laurent Museum, get the pass for both the gardens and museum at once to avoid the queue into the museum later after the visit in Majorelle.

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