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    jeudi 16 août 2018

    Great Mosque of Mecca

    Mosque in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

    The Great Mosque of Mecca, also called Al-Haram Mosque or Grand Mosque of Makkah, is the largest mosque in the world, and surrounds the Islamic Qiblah, that is the Kaaba in the Hejazi city of Mecca, Saudi Arabia. 

    Address: Mecca 24231, Saudi Arabia 

    Height: 89 m 

    Capacity: 900,000 worshippers (Increased to 4,000,000 worshippers during the Hajj period)

     Length: 400.800 m 

    Leaderships: Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, Saud Al-Shuraim, 

    Did you know: Great Mosque of Mecca is the world's second-largest building by usable volume.


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