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    samedi 4 août 2018

    Majorelle Garden Image

    Majorelle Garden

    Was initially very skeptical of the Jardin Majorelle and has assumed that it would be a tourist trap (the 70 DHS entree fee only furthered this skepticism). Immediately upon entering the space, however, my concerns melted away. It's quite shocking, in fact, how oasis-like the space is; a bastion of quiet, natural wonder in the middle of the new-Marrakesh. Even despite the throngs of people frozen in a hundred different ideal picture-taking positions, I found the garden to be enchanting as well as inviting. The Majorelle blue juxtaposing the vivid green of saguaro cacti fills you with a quiet magic that makes the 30 minute wait in line seem totally worth it. The gift shop is equally incredible if you have hundreds of Euros to spend.

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