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    samedi 4 août 2018

    Majorelle Garden Image

    Majorelle Garden

    This place is flawless, the garden it self speaks at you. It has 2 museums inside, a boutique and coffee, you can find as well the Yves Saint Laurent Museum which I think it's the most gorgeous museum I have ever seen. Also but not available for the public(at least not at the moment) as part of the property there is the actual house of Yves Saint Laurent** remember that blue house is not the house were he went** that's an studios that was also his.

    Take in mind that the line to get in is long! And if you are an student you get a DISCOUNT but you need your student ID with you. I got the combined ticket and got in to all of the 3 museums for just 10dolars(got a 8$ discount).


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